Fax For Free From Your Android Device

A lot of people no longer send fax anymore. As the world is increasingly becoming paperless, most people that still fax do so only a couple of times in a year. With the help of free web services however, it has become very easy to send and receive faxes online. This means you no need a regular fax machine anymore.

However, in a situation whereby you are on a journey and you need to fax a file from your smartphone, don’t panic, you can easily forward and monitor your faxes from your mobile device. Below are some of the best apps to fax with on an Android phone or Tablet.

A Note On Faxing Apps

It is unfortunate that a lot of mobile faxing apps are mostly outdated or the price the charge for faxing is too high. Apps like FilesAnywhere used to offer faxing from Android for free. Recently, the app has cancelled the free plan it offers and as the app is complex to fax with, it is no longer a useful option.  However, a few apps still offer free faxing. Faxburner for instance provides an app with a simple interface which you can send a fax with within a minute for free. For more, visit for more information about fax services. Another good app for faxing is CamScanner. Although it doesn’t provide free faxing, it is however a solid app and it a good choice if you manage a lot of files and documents on your device.

CamScanner: Solid and Cheap



CamScanner is a slick app and it conforms to the standards of modern Material Design. The app is available on Play Store. After you install it, you’ll notice the app doesn’t even require creating an account. An introduction screen is the first thing displayed. At the bottom-right corner you’ll see the.

Button, tap it and you are good to go.

CamScanner does a lot more than faxing so do not worry about faxing when you see a lot of other features you don’t need.

There are two methods to add a file to fax. At the app’s bottom-right corner is a camera icon, tap it and the document scanner will be opened. OCR scanning is used to take a picture of the document and convert it into PDF format.


If you have an image you want to fax on your phone already, tap on the three-dot menu located in the upper-right corner instead and select Import from Gallery.
The app will then show a list of all the recent pictures on your phone. Tap on one or more then tap Import to add the photos to your library.

Faxing With CamScanner

As you have added the file or files to forward through fax, tap them and the document view will be displayed. To forward them by fax, tap the Share button, then choose if you wish to share a JPG image or PDF.

After selecting, the standard sharing menu of the app will be displayed. Out of the options listed, look for ‘Upload/Print/Fax from CamScanner’. Hit this, then choose the Fax tab to input the recipient’s info.

Select a country code then input the fax number of the recipient. The app will tell you that you have insufficient balance. Hit Recharge to add credits. The price it charges is $0.99 for one fax page and $8.99 for ten fax pages.

Although it is not dirt cheap, however, for most people it’s a minor faxing expense.

If all you fax in a year is just 2 or 3 pages, the few dollars you pay for this is likely cheaper than going to your local library to fax. Most times, libraries charge fees for faxing anyway.

You should know that if you sign up for a free account, your faxing credit balance can be synched across devices. It is advisable you do this so you do not lose your faxing credit when you change your phone.


Additionally, a watermark will be added in the free version when you scan images with CamScanner. If you subscribe for the $5 per month plan, this will be removed and extra editing functionality will be added. As stated earlier, most apps used for faxing on Android are not really special. If you only need to send faxes occasionally and you don’t feel like paying, the Android version of HelloFax is a good option for you.
The app allows you to fax for free online. Goto the HelloFax website and register for a free plan.

Enter with your email address and input a password, or sign up with a Microsoft/Google account. Once you are in, tap the ‘Upload File’ icon to take a picture of   a document with the camera of your phone, or to choose a file on your phone. Input the fax number of the recipient then tap ‘Send’. That’s all, you just sent a fax. The free plan of HelloFax allows you to send 5 pages at zero cost, but you can’t receive faxes, you can only send them.

If you need to send more, the price is $0.99 per page for up to 10 extra pages, with each page after that at 20 cents each. There is a Home Office plan for big fax users that costs $9.99 per month and allows you to send or receive 300 faxes in a month. If you fax regularly, this is less expensive compared to paying $1 per page.

Start Faxing on Your Smartphone

Faxing on Android is good but one can’t say it’s really fantastic. There is no app that has it all and offers it at no cost. However, the apps mentioned above will give you an app that is solid for faxing and document management. They are good both for people that fax frequently and those that only use it once in a while.

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